All types of hats in the world

In the past, hats were a symbol of status in society, but today they are more like accesory, fashionable decoration or style. Well they can look great, but they are very useful as well. Since about 80% of our body heat goes out through out head, you can see why hats are very good weapon agains cold and freezing winter days. Hats are also used for protecting yourself, actually your head, from the heat in the dessert. Some types of hats are famous, some are unknown, but the list of hats is very long. And their purpose has changed trough history, like their materials, way of making it and so many more. Hats have been silly, big, small, pretty, ugly, fashionable, heavy, light, dark, colorful, you name it. That is why we are offering you list of hats through history, so you can see the variety in fashion and materials from the fast past until today.


Alphabetic list of hats

ALPINE HAT -  soft type of hat, worn by people in the Alps, due the name ALPINE HAT, alsko know as TYROLEAN HAT

ARCTIC CAP – hat made for cold areas with strong cold wind. It is protecting neck, ears and forehead

ATTIFET – worn in the middle of 16th century in France. It actually consists of hair rolled over the pads and heart shaped cap

AUREOLE -  worn in the late 19th century, it had upturned birm that went around the face, like an aureole, thuss the name

AUTOMOBILE BONNET – popular in early 20th century, use for protection during rides in cars without rooftops. It is a large brimmed hat, worn with a scarf that goes around your face and hat, tied under the chin to hold the hat on your head during ride

BABY STUART CAP – worn by infants in 17th century, it was for children’s protection, goes around their head

BALACLAVA – comes from Asia, worn in shady mountains to protect from wind. It is knitted, goes around your head and covers ears and face, only eyes are opened

BALLOON HAT – very popular in the end of the 18 century, had puffy crowns and theye were birmmed. Looks like a balloon, thuss the name.

BANDEAU – French headband, goes around your hair, looks like hairstyle worn in 1920s and 1960s

BASEBALL CAP – probably one of the most common types of hats today, covers your head with visor and button on the top of the cap

BASQUE BERET – very famous French hat in the past worn by peasants. It is flat, round and made out of wool

BAVOLET HAT – worn by French peasant women. It goes around your head, covers your hair and frames your face. It has a ribbon that goes under your chin where you tide it.

BEANIE HAT – made in America in 20th century, covers your hair, made for cold winter days, still very popular among people from all over the world

BELLBOY HAT – also known as BELLHOP, worn by bellboys in hotels, covers the top of your head, usually in red, sometimes it has a chin strap so it doesn’t fall of.

BERGERE HAT – worn by women in the middle of the 18th century, it has wide birm and lown crown

BICORN HAT – worn in the 18th and 19th century. The brimm is folded up in front and back, was very popular in military, worn by captains in British, American and French army

BIRCAGE HAT  – hat made out of the stiffened veling, shape is like a birdcage

BIRETTA – hat worn by Roman Catholic clergy, it is worn in 17th cenctury, looks like a square cap with the puff in the center of the crown

BOATER – worn in the end of 19 th till middle of the 20th century. It is a straw hat with straigh short birmm and a ribbon band. It was introduced like a hat for children then women start to wear them, eventually it was men who wore them. Also known as a SKIMMER and SAILOR STRAW

BOWLER HAT -  made in the 1850, has a round crown and a small birmm, the most famous hat worn by Charlie Chaplin

CARTWHEEL HAT – worn in the middle of the 20 th century, it has low crown and very wide brim, always worn by famme fatale in movies

CAVALIER HAT – worn in the 17th century, it has wide birmm with one side of the birm lifted to the crown. Usually decorated with feathers in the upper side of the brim


CLOCHE HAT – worn in the 1920′s, it covered your hair and it had little birm on one side. Very fashionable and popular even today

COWBOY HAT – in the end of the 20th century it became popular, before that was worn by cattle herders, it comes in different material still popular toda. It has high crown, wide brimm which is a little narrowed on the sides.

DEERSTALKER HAT – hat made out of tweed or cloth, it has short visor in the front and protections for ears that you can tide on the top of the crown.  Worn by deerhunters, but most famous for Sherlock Holmes

DORMEUSE – worn in the end of the 18th century by women during night time. It is a simple white cap that holds your hair together during sleep

DUCKBILL HAT – worn in the end of the 18th century, some form of a BONNET which has a curving visor going from the center of the crown. Most famous as a director’s hat, still very popular hat.

FEDORA HAT – men’s hat, fashinable, crown is rather high, brim is usuall lenght but adjustable in shape, it can be lifted up or straight

FEZ  – it comes in black and red colors, shaped like a cylinder, rather high doesn’t have a brimm, but in the center of the crown is tassel, worn in the East

GAUCHO HAT – worn by South American gauchos, thuss the name. It is a hat with long brim and low crown. Tied with a strip under the chin

GIBUS – it is a hat with high crown, had a metal framework due to the height of the crown. Worn by gentlemen, high society, sign of high class

GAINSBOROUGH HAT – hat with a large brim and plum, very fashionable and decorated with featers

HAVELOCK – worn in a military, it looks like a hat that covers skalp with a visor and it has protective material that covers back side of the neck

HENNIN HAT – worn in the middle of the 15th century, by women of high class, A very tall hat that on the top had veil, today famous as princess’s hat

KEPI HAT – army cap by French troops in Algiers, it is a flat-topped crown with a visor

LEGHORN – worn in the end of the 18th century, Close fitting, red woolen cap with elongated crown on which the tip folds over.

LIRIPIPE –hat exported from Laverne, Italy, it is fineli plaited made of straw

LUNARDI HAT – worn by women in the end of the 18th century. It is a hat with big crowns, usually had puffy shape, it can have a birm, but it isn’t the rule

MAD HATTER – hat with high crown, usually had Mercury in it, which was bad for people who wore them

MATADOR HAT – It is worn by matadors, men who fought bulls in arenas. It is a shape of a bulls head, it has short horns

MONMOUTH HAT – it is named after a town in England, Monmouth. It is a woolen cap with turned up band.

MORTAR BOARD  – it is a close fitting cap that has a square on the top. From that top hangs a tassel. Worn by students on their graduation


NEWSBOY CAP – got the name after boys who deliver newspapers in 1920, now very fashionable. It is a cap with a crown that goes a little over a visor.

OVERSEAS CAP – worn by soldiers in WW I & II

PADRE HAT – hat worn by missionaries in the end of the 20th century. It has a low crown and very wide brim

PANAMA HAT -  straw hat from Panama, it has usuall lenght of a brim and crow. It can have a band

PHRYGIAN BONNET – ancient cone shaped hat with a part that leans forward. It is usually made out of wool or leather

PILLBOX HAT -  it is a flat hat that has low crown with straight sides, was very fashionable

PITH HELMET – it is a hat with a shape of a helmet. Used by British army in India. Made out of Indian spongewood tree, inside had cotton

PORK PIE HAT – worn in 1930′s. It has low crown and small tured uo brimm. Today fashionable, worn by women

PRAIRE BONNET – it is a bonnet that had straight brim around women’s face

PURITAN HAT – it is high crown hat, with simple wide brim. It had a ribbon band with silver buckle in the middle.

RIDING HAT – hat that has high crown, it ends in one point. It has chin strap so it won’t fall off, used for riding horses in competitions

SAILOR HAT  – this hat has round crown with straigh brim which is turned up. Used by sailors

SHAKO HAT – military hat with a flat crown and cylindrical shape. It has a visor and tassels.

SINAMAY HAT – very fashionable hat with banana leaf fibres to create sinamay

SLOUCH HAT – hat worn in Austrailan army. It is a large fedora with one side of a brim turned up. Crown is cruved to the inside in the middle

SNOOD – it is a woven head covering that looks like net. Women in the past put their hair into snood as a decoration. Snood were filled with jewelry and gold.

SOMBRERO – Hat from Spain. High crown cools the hear in the high temperatures and brim is very wide, for protecting from sun.

STOCKING HAT  – it is a knit hat with long end that is hanging down the back. In the end it has a puff or a tassel

SUNBONNET – worn by women. It has a large brim and a flap at the back. It is used for sun protection

TAM O’SHATNER – it looks like a Scottish bonnet. It got the name after a character from a poem. It is a hat made out of woll, in different colors. At the top it has tessel or puff.

TOQUE – it is a small hat decorated in puffs and colors. Some versions, but not a rule, have a small brim.

TRICORN HAT – a hat worn in the end of the 17th century, it had three corners. Those corners were actually turned up wide brims. Most famous for pirates.

TUDOR BERET – it is a velvet hat decorated with feathers and jewelry. Most famous for Henry VIII

TURBAN – oriental headdress, it is actually long cloth that is put over a hat.

TYROLESE -  it is a hat that had a pointed crown and narrow brim. Could be decorated by feather. Most famous for Robin Hood

WIMPLE – it is a hat with a veil that goes all around the head, the neck, leaving only your face opened. Worn in 13th and 14th century.

WITCH HAT – Tall black hats with wide brims, types of hats that become famous due to witches

YAMURKLE – cap that goes on your scalp, worn by Jews. It consistis of 4 or 6 pieshaped pieces